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UC28C Projector

UC28C Projector

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1. Compact design: 360 degrees horizontal and vertical key stone correction for breaking limit of placement.

2. Convenient to use: Cinema-style stereo mixing sound, independent speaker cavity.
3. Meticulous workmanship: Unique industrial design for digital projector.
The focusing lens, which is composed of several precise transmittance coated lenses, increases the transmittance and wear performance, filters the stray light, and optimizes the image sharpness.


Light source type: LED
Light source life: 20000 hours
Whole machine power: 10W
Power input: 5V 2A
Resolution: 320*180
Brightness: 10 ANSI
Volume: 9.8*8.7*4.9 cm (smaller than palm)
Projection drawing size 12-85 (cm)
Interface: USB/TF/AV/5V IN mobile power interface/headphone jack/power interface
Accessories: red, yellow and white AV cable + USB power supply line + manual

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1 x projector

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